Chairman: Dr. L. Siess (ULB)
Secretary: Dr. R. Alvarez (ROB)

The Group ASTRONOMIE & ASTROPHYSIQUE is one of the Contact Groups of the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS).
This Contact Group is open to any research in astronomy and astrophysics.
The goal of the Group is to give the opportunity to astronomers and astrophysicists, especially the young researchers, to get better acquainted with the astronomical activities carried on in the various institutes of the country.
Since 2009, the Contact Group meeting is held together with the Astronomy Day of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

14th Meeting of the FNRS Contact Group Astronomie & Astrophysique

Astronomy Day of the Royal Observatory of Belgium

Monday 29 April 2013 Planetarium (map)


Note to the speakers: the format of your contribution includes a ~15min oral presentation of your work plus ~5 minutes dedicated to questions, the total duration not exceeding 20min.

9:00 Coffee
9:25 Welcome
Claudia Paladini (ULB):
Herschel, VLT(I), and the mass-loss geometry of AGB stars [pdf file]
Joris Verstappen (UGent):
Presentation of HERschel Observations of Edge-on Spirals (HEROES) [pdf file] [ppt file]
Thodori Nakos (ALMA observatory):
ALMA: The most complex observatory in the history of astronomy [pdf file]
Gregor Rauw (ULg):
Athena+, ESA's next generation X-ray observatory [pptx file]
10:50 Coffee Break
Alkiviadis Vlasis (KUL):
GRB jet propagation in a circumstellar bubble. Dynamics and afterglow light curves [pdf file]
Kilian Braun (ULB):
Mass-loss of late-type (super-)giants in binary systems
Michel Hillen (KUL):
An interferometric study of the post-AGB binary 89 Herculis [pdf file]
12:20 Lunch
Dr Andrea Miglio (University of Birmingham):
INVITED TALK: Solar-like pulsating red giants as probes of the Milky Way [pdf file] [mov file]
Valerie Van Grootel (ULg):
What asteroseismology can teach us about stellar evolution: the case of subdwarf B stars [pdf file]
15:00 Poster session
Paul Beck (KUL):
Differential rotation of red-giant stars from photometry with the Kepler space telescope
Nicki Mennekens (VUB):
The formation of type Ia supernovae: theory vs. 2 observations [pdf file]
Tom Hughes (UGent):
The role of cold gas in the chemical evolution of nearby galaxies
16:30 End of meeting
Philip Davis (ULB):
Mass transfer in eccentric binaries
Anastasiya Boiko (KUL):
Progress in the search of decametric radio emission from active stars and exoplanets at the UTR-2
Alexander Vapirev (KUL):
Formation of a Transient Front Structure Near Reconnection Point in 3D PIC Simulations
Laetitia Delrez (ULg):
The TRAPPIST survey of southern transiting planets: physical properties of the WASP-36 planetary system
Daniel Reese (ULg):
Pulsations of rapidly rotating stars [pdf file]
Rémi Monceau-Baroux (KUL):
3D relativistic hydro models for SS433: virtual views on precessing jets
Joachim Vanderbeke (UGent):
Globular clusters under the scanner to reveal the ages of distant galaxies
Waad Saftly (ULg):
The use of hierarchical octrees and kD-trees in Monte Carlo radiative transfer simulations
Anna Lisa Restante (KUL):
Kinetic investigation of the magnetic field geometrical evolution in a periodic flux rope
Pieter Neyskens (ULB):
Abundances in S stars : new constraints for stellar evolution models

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