Chairman: Dr. L. Siess (ULB)
Secretary: Dr. R. Alvarez (ROB)

The Group ASTRONOMIE & ASTROPHYSIQUE is one of the Contact Groups of the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS).
This Contact Group is open to any research in astronomy and astrophysics.
The goal of the Group is to give the opportunity to astronomers and astrophysicists, especially the young researchers, to get better acquainted with the astronomical activities carried on in the various institutes of the country.
Since 2009, the Contact Group meeting is held together with the Astronomy Day of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

15th Meeting of the FNRS Contact Group Astronomie & Astrophysique

Astronomy Day of the Royal Observatory of Belgium

Wednesday 30 April 2014 Planetarium (map)


Note to the speakers: the format of your contribution includes a ~15min oral presentation of your work plus ~5 minutes dedicated to questions, the total duration not exceeding 20min.

9:00 Coffee
9:25 Welcome
Emmanuel Jehin (ULg):
TRAPPIST: three years of robotic operations
Michael Gillon (ULg):
The SPECULOOS project: searching for habitable planets around the tiniest neighbor stars [pdf file] [ppt file]
Christian Delacroix (ULg):
The VORTEX Project: observing closer to the star with diamond vortex coronagraphs
Ludmila Carone (KUL):
Weather on strange new worlds: A troposphere benchmark model for a tidally locked terrestrial planet [pdf file]
10:50 Coffee Break
Gert De Geyter (UGent):
3D radiative transfer modeling and multi-wavelength decomposition of edge-on spiral galaxies [ppt file]
Prof. Francoise Combes (Observatoire de Paris):
INVITED TALK: Science with EUCLID [pdf file]
12:40 Lunch
Steven Toupin (ULB):
Hydrodynamics of mass transfers in binary star systems
Nick Cox (KUL):
Asterospheres of young and old stars [pdf file]
Remi Monceau-Baroux (KUL):
3D relativistic hydro models for SS433: virtual views on precessing jets [pdf file]
15:00 Poster session
Anthea Francesca Fantina (ULB):
Probing matter in extreme conditions using neutron-star observations
Kenneth De Smedt (KUL):
Post-AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds as tracers of the s-process nucleosynthesis [pdf file]
Ehsan Moravveji (KUL):
Slowly rotating B stars as a test of semi-convective mixing [pdf file]
16:30 End of meeting
Nicolas Chamel (ULB):
Vela pulsar glitches and nuclear superfluidity [pdf file]
Philip Davis (ULB):
Formation of the long-period, eccentric binary IP Eri [pdf file]
Audrey Lanotte (ULg):
Independent analysis of Spitzer and Harps: the still lonely and metal-rich GJ436B [pdf file]
Yana Maneva (KUL):
The role of parametric instabilities in solar wind plasmas [pdf file]
Vincent Pelgrims (ULg):
A new analysis of the optical polarisation alignments of quasars [pdf file]
MichaŽl Pieters (BIRA-IASB):
Somar wind modeling [ppt file]
Joachim Vanderbeke (UGent):
G2C2: Galactic globular cluster catalog [pdf file]

Secretary: Rodrigo ALVAREZ Chairman: Lionel SIESS
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