Chairman: Dr. L. Siess (ULB)
Secretary: Dr. R. Alvarez (ROB)

The Group ASTRONOMIE & ASTROPHYSIQUE is one of the Contact Groups of the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS).
This Contact Group is open to any research in astronomy and astrophysics.
The goal of the Group is to give the opportunity to astronomers and astrophysicists, especially the young researchers, to get better acquainted with the astronomical activities carried on in the various institutes of the country.
Since 2009, the Contact Group meeting is held together with the Astronomy Day of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

19th Meeting of the FNRS Contact Group Astronomie & Astrophysique

Astronomy Day of the Royal Observatory of Belgium

Monday 04 June 2018 Planetarium (map)


Note to the speakers: the format of your contribution includes a ~15min oral presentation of your work plus ~5 minutes dedicated to questions, the total duration not exceeding 20min.

9:00 Coffee
9:25 Welcome
Poster presentation
Angelos Nersesian (UGent):
High-resolution, 3D radiative transfer modeling of barred galaxies [pdf file]
Rajeev Manick (KUL):
The evolutionary nature of RV Tauri stars in the SMC and LMC [pdf file]
Kateryna Kravchenko (ULB):
Atmospheric tomography of a red supergiant star mu Cep [pdf file]
Jels Boulangier (KUL):
Dynamics, temperature, chemistry, and dust: ingredients for a self-consistent AGB wind [pdf file]
Cole Johnston (KUL):
Binary Asteroseismology - Simultaneous and Independent Constraints (and Headaches) [pdf file]
11:25 Coffee Break
Denis Defrere (ULg):
Imaging exoplanets with infrared interferometry [pdf file]
Mara Volpi (UNamur):
On the stability of 3D exoplanetary systems [pdf file]
Bertrand Bonfond (ULg):
Juno's unique perspective on Jupiter's aurorae [pptx file]
12:50 Lunch
Pasquale Panuzzo (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon):
INVITED TALK : GAIA and the RVS data [pdf file]
Laurent Mahy (KUL-ULg):
Massive binaries in 30 Doradus [pdf file]
Ileyk El Mellah (KUL):
Accretion from a clumpy wind in Supergiant X-ray binaries [pptx file]
Alfedro Micera (KUL-ROB):
Kinetic simulations of firehose and mirror instabilities in the solar wind using the ECSIM code [ppt file]
16:30 End of meeting
Marjorie Decleir (UGent):
DustKING: dust attenuation in nearby galaxies [pdf file]
Wouter Dobbels (UGent):
Predicting the FIR flux from UV-NIR fluxes via machine learning [pdf file]
Michele Mastropietro (UGent):
MoRIA dwarf galaxies in the Fornax cluster environment [pdf file]
Thibault Merle (ULB):
Characterization of SB1 detected in the Gaia-ESO Survey iDR5 [pdf file]
Dimitrios Millas (KUL):
Simulations of W50-SS433 [pdf file]
Ana Trcka (UGent):
The evolution of dust properties: comparing H-ATLAS to EAGLE simulations [pdf file]
Shivangee Rathi (UGent):
"Observations" of simulated MoRIA dwarf galaxies [pdf file]
Matthieu Van der Swaelmen (ULB):
Characterization of SB2 detected in the Gaia-ESO Survey iDR5 [pdf file]
Sam Verstocken (UGent):
3D radiative transfer modeling of face-on DustPedia galaxies [pdf file]

Secretary: Rodrigo ALVAREZ Chairman: Lionel SIESS
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